J  o  s  h  u  a     D  R  E  W    P  a  y  n  e

"The power and beauty of this instrument, this voice we call Joshua Payne,

is a phenomenon and experience the world needs."
-Stephan Moccio


King Triton (The Little Mermaid)

Don Giovanni

Sweeney Todd

Papageno (Die Zauberflute)

Billy Bigelow (Carousel)

Marcello (La Boheme)

Morales (Carmen)

Sid (Albert Herring)

Peter (Hansel und Gretel)

Handel's Messiah


Faure Requiem

"Its impossible to describe the talent here:

(production, arranging, writing) he's just this down to earth dude

from on top of a mountain in Arkansas, but nothing,

nothing could prepare me for that voice!"
His vocals on half the record
were done in one take

and without correction."
-Michael Omartian

"Joshua Payne has the perfect voice. He knows exactly what he's doing; totally in control of his technique, you the listener can forget about everything as you let yourself fall into his romantic yet earthy musical world. Bravo maestro bravo! "
-Bruce Gaitsch

"Joshua Payne is that unique talent one encounters only rarely. He is naturally blessed with a rich dark beautiful voice that is at times both powerful and fragile. But it's because Josh connects to a lyric with intelligence and a kind of wisdom beyond his years, that makes him a great singer. He has a tender lyric style because that's who Josh is: no artifice; just a man with questions who is not afraid to put himself out there or to break your heart with a song while you feel that guilty pleasure you always get when you discover a real artist."
-Marc Jordan

"Joshua Payne as Sweeney Todd is still my all-time favorite performance from regional theatre to Broadway. Unbelievably powerful!"
-Jenny Odle Madden - Actress - Voices of the South

"That song 'My World' ... Man! I wish I'd thought of that! What a writer! And man what a voice!"
-the late Jim Ed Brown - Grand Ole Opry

"One of the greatest voices of our time."

-Decca Classics

"Joshua Payne is one of the most abundantly gifted of a new breed of singer and songwriter, blessed with a big, classically-trained voice and a soul to match. We've introduced to the world, not only an widely accomplished singer with a experience in virtually every musical genre
but also a lyricist, an epic poet, a composer, arranger and producer of uncommon sensitivity and power, whose a work is clearly informed by the depth of his life and death experiences."

-Verve Music Group

"ever heard a lion roar?"
-Charles Rieker