J     o    s    h    u    a       P    a    y    n    e

κ α λ λ ι τ έ χ ν η ς   κ α λ λ ι τ ε χ ν ώ ν   χ ρ η σ μ ό ς   π ο λ υ μ α θ ή ς

the 108™  B L A C K  F R I D A Y   P L A Y L I S T

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NEW ALBUM (Paid member's only) - LONELY ROOM

A Woman and Her Secrets    Lonely Room
Runaway (w/ Lacey Brown)    Lonely Room
Lonely Room    Lonely Room
Not the Only One    Lonely Room
MAGIC    Lonely Room
Charlie    Lonely Room
Call it what you want    Lonely Room
It doesn't matter     Lonely Room
All I Want Is You    Lonely Room
Go with God    Lonely Room

prince died 705    Rain on me now (One Pass) Vol. 3
When The Deal Goes Down    Rain on me now (One Pass) Vol. 3
Summertime    Rain on me now (One Pass) Vol. 3
If You Were A Bird    Rain on me now (One Pass) Vol. 3
Magnet     Rain on me now (One Pass) Vol. 3
Please (w/Lacey Brown)     Rain on me now (One Pass) Vol. 3
Sweet Summer    Rain on me now (One Pass) Vol. 3

NEW ALBUM (Paid member's only) - VINCENT'S ASHTRAY
I'm just fine    Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
here or the snow -     Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
cleveland piano -     Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
black wave -     Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
sheila    Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
the pope did that    Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
haiku house    Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
robert's cross -     Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
doctorcopter -     Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7
van gogh's ashtray -    Vincent's ashtray (one pass) Vol.7

The Invitation (Oriah Mountain Dreamer)    White Wolves
Witness Tree    White Wolves
Missing You    White Wolves
Marooned    White Wolves
Rewind (Duet w/ Roberta Quillico)    White Wolves
In the middle    White Wolves
Greystoke    White Wolves
Tears of Hercules    White Wolves
I'm on Fire    White Wolves
From A Late Night Train    White Wolves

Joshua Payne, Bryn Leeds, and Chris Marcon
forever    Bryn Marcon
summer    Bryn Marcon
winter    Bryn Marcon
sleepless    Bryn Marcon
find    Bryn Marcon
simple song    Bryn Marcon
drown    Bryn Marcon
cold in new york    Bryn Marcon
auburn    Bryn Marcon
suede    Bryn Marcon

God So Loved    God So Loved
Oh Come, All Ye Faithful    God So Loved
Joy To The World    God So Loved
We Three Kings    God So Loved
Mary's Lullaby    God So Loved
Away In A Manger    God So Loved
Angels We Have Heard On High    God So Loved
O Come O Come Emmanuel    God So Loved
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear    God So Loved
Silent Night    God So Loved
What Child Is This    God So Loved
O Holy Night    God So Loved
God So Loved (Reprise)    God So Loved

The Trip    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Echolike    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Ode to an Earnest Company     Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
M    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Slow Cab with Her    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
57th and Lex    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Cape Town    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
The New March    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Patrice    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Francis    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Three Birds    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
John Minor    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Lynette    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Four-hundred Fourty-four    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Flora    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Blackish    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Black    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Bells of Shipjård    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Ugo and the Exceptional Guitar    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar
Al Finé    Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar


one pass    One Pass (the work tapes) Vol. 1
waiting on a lovely day    One Pass (the work tapes) Vol. 1
california    One Pass (the work tapes) Vol. 1
wonderful love    One Pass (the work tapes) Vol. 1
watermark    One Pass (the work tapes) Vol. 1
little bird    One Pass (the work tapes) Vol. 1
rain rain    One Pass (the work tapes) Vol. 1

same shoes 2nd verse    same shoes second verse
safely in love    same shoes second verse
merriam-webster    same shoes second verse
choose ny    same shoes second verse
stay    same shoes second verse
lucinda    same shoes second verse
the weather    same shoes second verse
nothing left to say    same shoes second verse
son of the earth    same shoes second verse
not alone    same shoes second verse
give me amy    same shoes second verse

America the Beautiful    While He Was A Boy
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry    While He Was A Boy
Separate Lives    While He Was A Boy
Wiley    While He Was A Boy
Blue    While He Was A Boy
Wichita Lineman    While He Was A Boy
Stewball    While He Was A Boy
Sailing    While He Was A Boy
Rainbow Connection    While He Was A Boy
If I Only Had A Brain    While He Was A Boy

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