• Silent Night2:54

  • The Art Of The Heart5:02

Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar

20 Songs

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Canto - the Spirit of the Voice

  • california 4:20

  • Missing You3:53

  • Wiley5:23

One Pass (the work tapes) vol. 1

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7 Songs

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"Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas"

          God So Loved (A Christmas Album)

          13 Songs

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  • Your Love, My Home4:22

Same Shoes Second Verse

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  • stay4:57

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  • Patrice3:33

Your Love, My Home

κ α λ λ ι τ έ χ ν η ς   κ α λ λ ι τ ε χ ν ώ ν   χ ρ η σ μ ό ς   π ο λ υ μ α θ ή ς

"Missing You (Radio Single)

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bryn Marcon - bryn Marcon

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10 Songs

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  • forever5:35
Ugo Payen - Commedia and the Exceptional Guitar

One Pass - The Work Tape Volumes by Joshua Payne

J     o    s    h    u    a       P    a    y    n    e

While he was a boy ...

10 Songs

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